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    Purple Heart Day – 7th Japan Surrenders, end of WW11 (1945) 14th                              


Lighthouse Christian Church was started in 2006, after it was found that many people were in need of a Minister and could not find one. There were also churches that needed someone to preach at a service and were unable to find a Minister who was available to do the service.   It was found that many couples wanted to get married and were unable to find a church to marry them, because they were not a member, or the minister would not come to them.  Others had a friend or loved one who died and were unable to find someone to officiate at the funeral home or at the gravesite.   Having been a minister for over 10 years, and now living in Florida for over 10 years, It was felt something had to be done to help these people.  It was decided that having a web site was one of the best ways to reach folks who needed our services.  Chaplain Santos is also available for believers baptisms, infant and child dedications, and worship services for churches or groups who needed someone to fill in on a short notice.  As the Assistant State Chaplain for The Chapel of the Four Chaplains, Chaplain Santos is always available to tell the story of the Chapel at your church or social group. It is about the heroic acts of four Army chaplains on a troop transport ship on its way to Greenland. He is also a member with the International Conference of War Veteran Ministers,  National Association of Christian Ministers and the Universal One Church.